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Apple releases iOS 13.5 developer beta 4 with Exposure Notification API, Face Tim and Face ID change

Apple is releasing the fourth developer beta of iOS 13.5 today, following last week’s release of beta 3. iOS 13.5 includes improvements to the Face Time app, Face ID, and the groundwork for Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification API. [Update: Now available, and Apple is releasing a new public beta of iOS 13.5 today as well.]

In case you missed it last week, Apple is referring to this iOS release as iOS13.5, following two developer beta releases of iOS 13.4.5. This is because any revision of iOS that uses a new SDK must have its minor version number changed, hence the jump from iOS 13.4.5 to iOS 13.5.What’s new in iOS 13.5? The update includes the basis of Apple and Google’s new Exposure Notification API for COVID-19 contact tracing. There are also changes to Face ID and FaceTime:iOS 13.5 beta makes it easier to skip Face ID if you’re wearing a maskApple releases iOS 13.5 beta with first version of its COVID-19 exposure notification APIBusy Group FaceTime call? iOS 13.5 lets you turn off automatic face zoomingThe fourth developer betas of iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 should start rolling out soon. A new public beta could be released as soon as later today as well. Apple will also likely release a new beta of watchOS 6.2.5 and tvOS 13.4.5. [Update: Now available]

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